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High Percentage is Partnering with Gold BJJ Online

High Percentage is Partnering with Gold BJJ Online

What The Partnership Is

High Percentage is part of the launch lineup of courses for Gold BJJ Online. We will be teaching a course titled “Beginner’s Game Theory” where we take all of the data we’ve compiled on this site and turn it into a system that newer competitors (or anyone looking to elevate their game) can implement. It’s designed to be focused and highly practical. I promise you won’t have to memorize stats or complicated decision trees. We created system that you can implement during your everyday training, so that if and when you compete, your KILL_MODE.exe firmware will be installed and active.

How You Benefit

In addition to our course, Gold BJJ Online subscribers get access to a large and ever growing library of courses covering everything from Open Guard Passing to Leglocks. Some of the instructors you may recognize, like legendary leg attack pioneer Dean Lister. Others, you may be seeing for the first time.

But it won’t end there, Online subscribers will get a standing discount to any apparel that they purchase from Gold BJJ. This includes the ability to “stack” multiple discounts if gold is running other promotions (there might be some common sense limits on this, Gold has to make some money).

This really makes it a no brainer from a value standpoint. I spend hundreds of dollars a year on gis, rashguards, protein powder, mouthguards, etc. A standing discount will save people like me quite a bit of money.

We should also point out that Gold Online does not have contracts. You can pay for one month and cancel, which I’m sure some people will do just so they can get a discount on their apparel.

How WE Benefit

High Percentage will get a commission when people subscribe to Gold BJJ Online OR buy their physical products. This only happens if you use the links on our site. So if you herd about it from us, you can support us by using our links.

We’ve said this before. We put ads on the site to keep the lights on, but we want ad partners that we can really get behind. Keenan was, and still is, one of those partners. But we totally get that not everyone plays lapel guard and has over $200 lying around. Gold BJJ is a terrific alternative, and we’re invested in their success just like they are invested in ours. We think that’s the best way to do ads on the site.

How This Partnership Came About

A few months ago, the guys from Gold BJJ contacted me and told me they were fans of the site. We had a long conversation about training, in which I concluded that they were refreshingly normal. Just a couple of guys who love BJJ and decided starting an apparel company was the best way to escape their day jobs.

They told me about their plans to launch a content area of their site. It would contain an ever expanding library of courses that subscribers would have unlimited access to.

Of course, my first question was, “Like. . .YouTube?”

But they had a good rebuttal to this. YouTube has plenty of free content, but it’s not always focused. I could relate to this. I’m someone who thrives on organization. I do better with systems, not tons and tons of techniques.

Their content platform, which they were calling Gold BJJ Online, would have hour long courses on everything from guard passing to leglock positions. Each course would be broken into several short videos, three to five minutes. It would give subscribers a focused, guided approach to training.

And they wanted us to teach one of the courses.

I went back and forth on this. Honestly, the idea of making a course had crossed my mind, but more in the realm of creating a book, since writing is what I’m least terrible at. Buying cameras, teaching myself about lighting, re-learning how to edit, it wasn’t something I took lightly. Ultimately, I agreed to team up with them for one main reason.

Why Gold BJJ Felt Like a Good Partner

The team at Gold never told me what to do. In fact, they said yes to everything. For someone as unproven as myself, they put a lot of faith in me to make a quality course. They didn’t ask for a script to approve, milestones to hit, or weekly status updates. They basically said, “Go make something awesome. Get it to us by July.” They get that making great content comes first, and money comes later.

I’m also a fan of their physical products, their aeroweave light gi is my go-to nowadays. It has a simple, classic style and it’s VERY light and easy to move around it. Beyond that, they seem like genuinely cool guys.

I hope you check out the course and all of the others on the site. I know I will be. Now let’s get back to crushing it with numbers.

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