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High Percentage Is Partnering With Keenan Cornelius!

High Percentage Is Partnering With Keenan Cornelius!

I’m super happy to announce that High Percentage is partnering with Keenan Cornelius, to offer his game changing Lapel Guard Encyclopedia Series. This means that our readers can get 10% off his program by entering “high%” at checkout on his site.

I promised I was going to improve ads on this site and this is a big step towards making that happen. Partnering with Keenan’s instruction is a win-win. It’s an ad partner I can really support, because I know his program and his reputation. Most importantly, I think he’s a great fit for the High Percentage audience.

Why Keenan?

Like most people, I first became aware of Keenan during his legendary run at brown belt, when he achieved the “grand slam”, winning the IBJJF World, Pans, European and Brazilian National titles in the same year. Training under the legendary Andre Galvao, everyone knew he was going to be something special. Boy were we not disappointed.

Not even thirty, Keenan is considered one of the best competitors in the world today. He competes in any and all formats against the best in the world. According to BJJ Heroes, his record includes 169 wins. He has only two losses by submission. This includes wins over Craig Jones, Lucas Leite, Gary Tonon, Dean Lister, and Leandro Lo.

But it’s more than his credentials. High Percentage is about re-thinking long held conventions in jiu-jitsu. We use science and data to cut through bullshit and focus your training. I think Keenan’s approach to jiu-jitsu lines up really well with that. He is the living embodiment of training and fighting smarter and not harder.

Which is where his guard system comes in.

Keenan is known for his guard innovations that have baffled opponents for years. He is on the cutting edge of new school jiu-jitsu, so much so that he has become a jiujitsu meme. As you can see from the image below, he seems to be pretty okay with this.

Keenan's Lapel Encyclopedia

Laugh if you want, his results speak for themselves. He is currently ranked as the #3 gi fighter in the world by Hyperfly Athlete.

I’ll be honest, we looked at a couple partners for advertising, but I wanted something that would be a good fit for my readers. That means I wanted the best. I spent a solid afternoon reading reddit reviews like this one of Keenan’s Lapel Guard Encyclopedia. The consensus from everyone was that it hits all the bases. The production value is heads above similar programs, and Keenan is an articulate teacher with a concept driven approach.

Most of all, people are reporting back on reddit that after a few weeks of implementing his guard system, they are crushing it in tournaments and in the gym. If you’re a High Percentage reader, I want you to become a believer in data and systems, and then go kill people with it. Trust me, this is a guard system that will be around for YEARS.

Finally, Keenans marketing team has been very fast to respond and provide me with the tools to get started with them, and that matter’s to me. Keenan himself is very active on his own forums, and is a reddit legend since his purple belt days. He feels like “one of us” and that’s important.

Will This Partnership Include Keenan Online?

Yes!. . . .Just not now.

Honestly, I really want to be able to offer affiliate discounts for Keenan Online, which is separate from his Lapel Guard Encyclopedia. His people have assured me that they are making some major changes to Keenan Online, and the 2.0 version will include affiliate sponsors. Once that happens, I’ll be happy to start promoting it.

Do You Get Paid If We Buy The Lapel Guard Encyclopedia?

Yup. But only if you buy it via the ad banners on this site, or enter “high%” during checkout. So if you want to support the team of researchers (whom are paid to watch matches) and myself, please do that. It’s also worth noting that the Lapel Guard Encyclopedia is not cheap, so a 10% discount will make a difference.

Thanks for helping us keep the lights on. Now let’s keep killing it with numbers.

 We Tracked Every Submission in 150 Blue Belt Matches. Here's What's High Percentage.

We Tracked Every Submission in 150 Blue Belt Matches. Here's What's High Percentage.

How Ads Are Going to Work on This Site

How Ads Are Going to Work on This Site