High Percentage martial arts takes data from hundreds of fights, competition matches, and self defense situations to answer the question: What's truly high percentage?


Introducing the White Belt Series

Introducing the White Belt Series

August marks the launch of the first series on High Percentage: The White Belt Series. I plan to publish several articles, all focusing around research into how white belt matches play out.

How Do "Series" Work?

There are hundreds of different categories that can be researched. Competition, self defense, blue belts, white belts, gi, no-gi, points, or submission only. The best way to gather data is to separate them all out into series rather than take them all as a whole. We all know just from observation, what's high percentage in a white belt match may not be high percentage in a brown belt match or a street fight.

So what are you researching?

I've started by watching 100 IBJJF white belt matches. I watched both male and female matches across all weight classes. I gathered quite a bit of information, enough that we'll probably have all we need for this series. I plan to publish studies on submissions used, takedowns, scoring, guard passing, and more. We'll kick off the series with a general overview of our "key takeaways."


But wait, I want to know about. . .

So does everyone else! If you were hoping that I would focus our research on, say, submission only white belt tournaments, don't worry! More series are coming, and I'll use your feedback to determine where the most demand is.

I started with the most "vanilla" scenario possible. White belts in a regular IBJJF setting. There were two reason for this:

1) It's easier to record white belt matches, and we needed to get our feet wet.

2) White belts stand to gain the most from our research.

So, enjoy the series, give feedback, and let me know what other kinds of data you'd like to see!


I Watched 100 White Belt Matches. Here's What's Actually High Percentage.

I Watched 100 White Belt Matches. Here's What's Actually High Percentage.