High Percentage Is Partnering With Keenan Cornelius!

High Percentage is partnering with Keenan Cornelius to offer his game changing Lapel Guard Encyclopedia on our site. Keenan is widely considered one of the best competitors in the world, and his forward thinking style is going to be a great match for the High Percentage audience. That’s why FOR A LIMITED TIME, we will be offering a 10% discount to our readers.

How Ads Are Going to Work on This Site

We both want the same thing: for you to use the most high percentage attacks, sweeps, and submissions. I don’t want ads to get in the way of that, so I’m working hard to serve better ads that will help your training if you like them, and be easy to ignore if you don’t. Here’s the plan.

High Percentage Update

I had a teacher in high school who, in hindsight, was a barely functional alcoholic. Despite this, he told me something I’d never forget.

“There’s a difference between excuses, and reasons.”

There’s a few reasons I haven’t updated this blog in a few months